Sonntag, 28. Januar 2007

Fastnacht in Süddeutschland - Carnival in Southern Germany

Heute war in unserem kleinen Dorf ein Umzug des Alemannischen Narrenringes mit über 3000 Maskenträgern.

Today there had been a carnival procession in our little village with more than 3000 masked participants.


Lisa hat gesagt…

Dagmar, Thanks for sending the link to your blog! Just when I was ready to get off the computer....LOL. I love reading about your life and Germany and am especially grateful that you translated a lot of it into English!


Debra Spincic hat gesagt…

Are these masks wooden or plastic to look like wood? They are really interesting--so is the cover the ladies are wearing with the layers of fabric.

Quiltmoose - Dagmar hat gesagt…

Debra, those masks are all handcarved wood. Each one is unique and very precious.


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