Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2007

my guitar and anniversary quilt

Another passion of mine is playing the guitar. Here is my custom Martin D-28. A marvellous instrument! My husband gave it to me for our 25th wedding anniversary. I just love to play it!

"The Style 28 Martin guitar is a spruce top, rosewood body Martin guitar that has been the mainstream of the Martin guitar line since the late-1800s. Awesome sound, many famous stars have used the Style 28 as their main guitar. "

"The Martin D-28, introduced in 1931, is an icon of American guitar-making. The D-28 is modeled after the wide, deep-bodied, style 111 guitars that Martin produced for Ditson in 1916 and called dreadnoughts after the heaviest class of British battleship during WWI. This large body, combined with steel strings, gave the D-28 a powerful sound that suited the emerging country music style, which needed a guitar that could stand up to a band and amplified voices. " The National Music Museum

Bob Dylan playing a Martin D-28 at the concert for Bangladesh

Well, I'll never play like Elvis, Paul McCartney or Bob Dylan on this guitar but it still is fun...

We had a party to celebrate our anniversary and I gave each guest a scrap of muslin and asked them to write or paint something onto it so that I could incorporate it into a quilt. Here ist the quilt top I made out of those squares. (Another top that is waiting to be quilted...) Can't wait to snuggle under that rememberance quilt ;-)

Bei der Party anlässlich unserer Silberhochzeit habe ich jedem Gast ein kleines Muslinquadrat gegeben, das er beschreiben oder bemalen sollte. Hier ist nun das Quilttop, das ich daraus gemacht habe. (Noch ein weiteres Top, das darauf wartet, gequiltet zu werden....) Ich freu mich schon drauf, mich in diesen Erinnerungsquilt zu kuscheln ;-)

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