Samstag, 21. April 2007

Kookie Bird from Bimbimbie

Dieser kleine Vogel kam heute vom fernen Australien zu mir geflogen. Bimbimbie hatte ein paar ihrer Vögelchen an Ostern unter anderen Bloggern verlost und ich war einer der glücklichen Gewinner gewesen :-)).
This little bird has flewn to me all the way from Australia and arrived in Germany today. I have been one of the lucky winners of the Easter draw Bimbimbie had done for other bloggers :-)).


Dotee hat gesagt…

Hi Dagmar
Thought I would pop over and say hello...Thank you so for your lovely words on my post. You are a very special woman.

Am so glad you received one of Annie's Kookie birds! They are gorgeous. She is such a lovely person too.

Love the photograph!

Bimbimbie hat gesagt…

Hello Dagmar

thanks for letting me know Kookie-Bird reached you ok .... and so fast too. She looks happy in your spring sun *!*

Just been admiring your Easter Holiday photos and the Dotee Dolls that have come to stay via Dot's swap.

Susan hat gesagt…

I've looked back over your block and loved all the pictures you've shown. Reminds me of slide shows of my parents when I was younger. =) The bird is darling, as were your little Dotee dolls and cards. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things.


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