Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

OWOH Winner!

Thank you everybody for visiting my blog leaving nice comments and entering my give-away! I hope you'll come back again every now and then!

with comment #122 
is the winner of my little mixed media quilt!



Jeanie hat gesagt…

Congratulations to Sandra -- happy to see you post -- you must be home!

Vicki W hat gesagt…

Yay for Sandra! It couldn't go to a better home!

Susan hat gesagt…


Dagmar, please come see the top few posts on my blog :)

Melinda Cornish hat gesagt…

it is beautiful! lucky her......

~*~Patty S hat gesagt…

BIG Congratulations to the VERY lucky Sandra!
This piece is SO beautiful!

Sweet thoughts and good wishes to you dear one!


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