Freitag, 26. April 2013

Galadriel's Mirror

"With water from the stream Galadriel filled the basin to the brim, and breathed on it, and when the water was still again she spoke. 'Here is the mirror of Galadriel,' she said. 'I have brought you here so that you may look in it, if you will.'
      The air was very still, and the dell was dark, and the Elf-lady beside him was tall and pale. 

      'Remember that the Mirror shows many things, and not all have yet come to pass. Some never come to be, unless those that behold the visions turn aside from their path to prevent them. The Mirror is a dangerous guide of deeds.' [...] 

      'Do you advise me to look?' asked Frodo.
      'No', she said. 'I do not counsel you one way or the other. I am not a counsellor. You may learn something, and whether what you see be fair or evil, that may be profitable, and yet it may not. Seeing is both good and perilous. Yet I think, Frodo, that you have enough courage and wisdom enough for the venture, or I would not have brought you here. Do as you will!' "

"Galadriels Spiegel" ist ein weiterer Block aus der Herr-der Ringe-Serie, den ich genäht habe. Der Entwurf ist von Regina Grewe.

Here is another Lord-of-the-Rings block that I have sewn. The pattern has been provided by Regina Grewe.


Jeanie hat gesagt…

This is absolutely stunning. How perfectly you captured this passage and how beautiful your work is.

Grit hat gesagt…

Wow, this is so fantastic.

Marie-Louise hat gesagt…

Dein Block ist super toll geworden.
Schönes Wochenende und ganz liebe Grüsse Marie-Louise


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